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SeaPattern is a Swedish start up working with a new ocean currents data analysis’ method based on physics informed AI in order to generate both a flow map showing the underwater currents in a region (in high detail) and also predictions of the same field. 

The tools are eco-friendly, durable, flexible and connected to provide reliable data capture. This technology can be used in several fields and we are now focusing on the blue energy and aquaculture ones.

In fact, SeaPattern is developing a technology and a method that would accelerate the development and growth of the aquaculture sector, from fish farming, to mussels and seaweed farming.

The solution uniqueness is a combination of artificial intelligence and innovative cost-effective measurements, it can map and monitor the currents and forecast salinity and oxygen levels in high detail.

SeaPattern will also enable the unlocking of a vast renewable energy source hidden beneath the surface of the ocean – underwater currents and streams that can be harvested using submerged water turbines.

You can find us at the LEAD Incubator.

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